Object and Location

LocationThe building (date of construction: 1974) has 21 floors, and is located on 2 main streets (Mainzer Strasse and Hauptstrasse), and are the connection between the two cities of Idar with Oberstein.

In its immediate surroundings you’ll find major banks (Commerzbank, Deutsche Bank, Dresdner Bank, Kreissparkasse Birkenfeld, Volksbank), a post office, shops, pharmacies, restaurants, coffee shops, etc…
Two ruined medieval castles are perched on the hills above the town, and are, after gemstones and jewelry, the chief tourist attractions in the city, along with the the "Steinkaulenberg" (a gemstone mine open for visitors) and the “Felsenkirche” (Church of the Rock) that was constructed in a crevice inIdar the side of the cliffs on which the castles rest.
Across the street you find the "Deutsches Edelsteinmuseum" (German gemstone museum), all the aspects from the world of gemstones are displayed on three floors – from Agate to Diamond. You’ll also find there minerals and rocks from the Idar-Oberstein region, which are found and worked more than 500 years ago. http://www.edelsteinmuseum.de

120 years ago the first diamond cutter established himself in ldar-

EdelsteinmuseumOberstein. At this day the gemstone industry, counting already several generations, had been completed. From now on, all the professions and techniques of this unique industry were present.

It is said that a million day tourists pass through the city throughout the year.



The city is surrounded by 4 industrial sites with a total area of 250 ha:
“Dickesbacher Strasse”, “Finkenberg Nord”, “Am Kreuz”, “Gewerbepark Nahetal” with companies as Mediamarkt, Globus Baumarkt, Mercedes, Mode Vögele, Burger King, “Hier bin Ich König”, Europcar, and many more. http:// www.gewerbepark-nahetal.de

Since 2009 Idar-Oberstein has become an international tradefair location with several fairs and shows of regional and transregional importance.

Deutsche Edelsteinstrasse
Die Deutsche Edelsteinstrasse / The German Gemstone Route

By two circular routes the German Gemstone Route connects all the sites in the Hunsrück and Nahe region that are characterized by working with gemstones.

The origins of gemstone cutting go back to the Middle Ages when rich mineral occurrences were discovered and subsequently mined in the regions. From the traditional craft of gemstone a rich variety of tourism offers have developed. Today's mineral deposits along the German Gemstone Route still delight passionate collectors and hobby geologists. The world of gemstones offers fascination for tourists: there is in fact no other place in the world showing such concentrations of all things to do with gemstones and jewellery.

The fascination of precious stones combined with the picturesque scenery and many interesting sights make the holiday route German Gemstone Route a unique experience.

Idar-Oberstein and the BCIO Idar-Oberstein and the BCIO Idar-Oberstein and the BCIO Idar-Oberstein and the BCIO