Actual and potential

For the moment about 2.700 m² offices are rented.
The hotel has been reopened on May 1st 2008.

Why Idar-Oberstein could use such a hotel?

• Centrally located, enough parking
• 1.000.000 day tourists a year
• Tourist attractions:

  • Gem industry,
  • “Deutsches Edelsteinmuseum” (German Precious stones Museum),
  • “Felsenkirche” (Church of the Rock),
  • "Steinkaulenberg" (a gemstone mine open for visitors),
  • Trier, oldest city of Germany, only 60 km away,
  • Rhine-river, UNESCO World Cultural Heritage, only 50 km away,

• There are no hotels with more than 60 beds where busses could stay.
• There is parking for busses in front of the hotel.
• A Wellness center could be established.
•Close to Airport Hahn (+/- 25 km): “Ryanair”-passengers in combination with flight. Direct bus link to Airport Hahn.
• New road constructed with direct connection to Hahn. (2-3 years)
• Conference rooms / Congress center with topic “Diamond and Precious stones”
• Multifunctional Hall being build in Industrial site of Nahetal (Idar-Oberstein)

Other potential renters are:

  • Diamond and precious stones dealers.
  • Doctors, accountants, lawyers, notaries,… 1 or 2 floors could be exclusively reserved for them.
  • Business center
  • A fitness club (ex Museum 660-1000 m²) or
    The Diamond Museum (they were previous renters, 660-1000 m²)
  • A Gallery concept: Museum, diamond/precious stones and jewellery, where visitors could see how diamonds are cut, jewellery are made,… and buy them immediately.
  • A “Börsencafé”: where visitors could eat and drink.
  • A “Spielhalle” or an electronic/automatic Casino (500 m²)
  • A call center

Idar-Oberstein and the BCIO Idar-Oberstein and the BCIO Idar-Oberstein and the BCIO Idar-Oberstein and the BCIO